The Edist

Editor’s list

Founded by fashion editor Tesa Jurjaševič,The Edist is my style philosophy, the way I approach fashion and personal style.

Finding and recommending the best fashion pieces is the key part of a fashion editor’s job and I wanted to bring all my experiences to bear, by creating a place where the best fashion selection comes together.

The Edist is your go-to destination for building a timeless and sustainable capsule wardrobe with carefully curated pieces to ensure that you have a stylish, versatile, and sustainable wardrobe that will last for years to come. 

But it’s also a place where, alongside the ultimate essentials, we’ll show you how to update your look with key additions from the latest fashion trends and with current and upcoming trending pieces. A go-to fashion platform, for a mix of well thought capsule wardrobe and exciting fashionable pieces, where we are starting from a perfect base and building up to a highly curated wardrobe, where every piece makes sense and where dressing up becomes fun again!

It’s a place where you’ll discover new brands, a place where you’ll become a part of the fashion community of like-minded people and it’s a place where you can connect with experts in the fashion industry that can help you elevate your style and transform your life!

And you don’t just get me

The Edist will also feature curated lists, with tips, tricks and secrets from an array of fashion and beauty industry insiders.